If you are willing to volunteer In Hope And Care organization  these  are different ways to reach to us:

  1. Voluntary membership :

This provides you the opportunity to join our projects & programs and help us to improve them and meet our vision and targets. With this opportunity, you will become an internal Volunteer  and work with us in our daily activities that we do conduct. You will be given roles and responsibilities to fulfill.

NB: You can become a volunteer even if you are outside Rwanda and work with us as well. No worries!

  1. Embassy Membership:

This gives you the opportunity to become an ambassador or representative of the project/Program in any country or any area far from where our operations are conducted.

  1. Partnership Membership:

In case you are running an organization or any project/program that have similar activities with ours, you are welcome to meet us and we see how we can partner and improve and learn from each others experiences.

  1. Donation Membership :

This is an opportunity for Donor organizations to work with us in case they are interested with our work. They can work with us by funding the project/program or by giving any other opportunities to our leaders, members, Volunteers and beneficiaries of our programs.

If you are interested or willing to Volunteer/ support feel free to contact us.

Email: info@hopeandcarerwanda.com



Website: www.hopeandcarerwanda.com

Any kind of support will be appreciated