Training on Institution strengthening through organization board members, Staffs and volunteers

Introductory to Hope And Care (HAC organization) and each Responsibility

 On the 25th, October 2021 Hope and care (HAC) organization has organized the training that entitled “institution strengthening through organization board members, Staffs and volunteers. The two days training has the purpose of improving /strengthening the effectiveness and efficiency of the board members, staff and volunteers in order to assure the recognition of their roles and responsibilities in ways of how to fulfill the Vision and mission of the organization. The training of organizational board members, staff d volunteers has received as the platform to show what could be used to improve the welfare of LGBTIQ community.

During the training the board members thanked volunteers and executive community on the amazing job they have done during the hardship of the pandemic of covid-19 till today and the way they have supported the vulnerability of their members and support them during the quarantine period, they also thanked the advocacy done by Executive director Nizeyimana Seleman.

The trainers show board  members, staff and volunteers their roles and responsibilities, how the good organization works and how the every position in organization is very important and their collaboration is essential and how the conflict of interest delay the organizational performance and how they should be prevented through team working and functionalism and focusing on organizational objective and missions.

All those who spoke in the training they thanked the organizers and facilitators on the good discussion they had and new knowledge they gained in the training with the recommendations of getting a good channel of communications and updates, some refresher about the organization’s mission and scheduled activities and they confess on how they were working unprofessionally.

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