Sports & Recreation

Under this program, Hope and Care in Partnership with the Friends Sport Centre, provides a space for the LGBTIQ community to network with each other, play the sports they love, and gain confidence on and off the field. We have teams from the Isange coalition as well as others. This space is crucial for the community to support each other and have a space where they can be themselves and have fun. HAC networks with the community and the Friends Sport Centre to build strong partnerships between the Isange media team who covers the games, and other media teams so that we can continue building our community as well as knowledge about our activism work. HAC works to promote LGBTIQ visibility in other leisure activities including traditional and modern dance, drama and theatrical story telling. This program works to integrate LGBTIQ youth in sports and entertainment across Kigali. This not only helps them gain confidence and work against self-stigma, but also help them feel like a part ofRwandan society. Sport can be used to work against discrimination. We hope for a future where LGBTIQ youth and straight youth can play with and learn from each other.