Our Team

  • Executive Director: Nizeyimana Salomon

He is an activist and human rights defender advocating for various vulnerable communities in Rwanda through ASOLATE since 2004. In 2012 he began focusing on advocating and improving the life and rights of sex workers and the LGBTIQ community. Solomon is also a Pastor of an inclusive church, TFAM Rwanda, preaching radical inclusion gospel. He has been awarded many humanitarian awards in his everyday activities of vulnerable community’s advocacy like (give examples). He is also known as an innovator, peace builder and change-maker in the community and works to empower youth across Rwanda.


  • Project Manager:MBARUSHIMANA Dieudonne

Emt. Dieudonné MBARUSHIMANA, Professional activist, he is the Managing Director of Pick Teck.Ltd Rwanda.  He was the logistic and Procurement office of IDEA Rwanda and he was the Public Professional HBCPs in Rwanda biomedical center, holding a highly professional certificate in Palliative Care and Holding Arcss1. Emergency Medical Service took at University of Colorado System in USA. And Earn a best thrive Certificate in African Institute Management University (AMI). He was an extra-ordinary Volunteer in National Election Commission of Rwanda since 2010 and for now he is one of the best activist that working with Hope And Care Rwanda.


  • Financial Officer: DUSHIMIMANA Eric

He provides the service economic advice, economic administration, implementation of development programmers, besides dealing with other areas such as economic reforms, monitoring and evaluation. He is also Human rights Activist who believe that economic empowerment should be focused on the marginalized people especially LGBT who are most vulnerable in society. In 2015, he became the chief of peer educators in the LGBTIQ community and 2017 he was a facilitator in various HAC community concerned activities including the Respect, Empower and Inclusion Program.


  • Health awareness Program:U. Shaila Channy

Diploma in Accoutant Human right activist since 2009, HIV Counselor   professional since  2016 ,YOUTH &community Mobilizer specialist  since 2015.


  • Sport and Recreation Program:KAYINAMURA Marius

Talented in different sports including volleyball, football, hand ball and basketball, Marius is flexible and humble and uses his sports passion as a human rights activist. As sports officer and the manager of the inclusive youth sports centre, the Friend Sport Centre, he is passionate about providing a safe place for the LGBTIQ community to come together and play.

  • Integration of community in entertainment:NIYONKURU Christian

Is a modern dancer and choreography, theatre actor, young human right activist.

He is also known aka Brown, he flexible and passionate about helping LGBTIQ people participate in Entertainment leisure activities.


  • Community mobiliser:DUSHIMIMANA Robin

He is university graduate with Honor information technology (IT) at IPRC Kigali with sales agent experience.

Human rights activist who is friendly, humble and excited to welcome LGBTIQ and Sex Worker community members.

He provides support through counseling and facilitates case He serve as BAG(Building a Generation) innovation’s ambassador, AAYFO(Africa-Asia Youth Foundation) Rwanda chapter, country director with the energy and reputation effective and efficient


  • Integration of LGBTIQ Youth in Sports & Entertainment:IYAMUREMYE Innocent

Innocent is A modern and traditional dancer , theatre actor, footballer, young human right activist, INNOCENT is flexible and passionate about helping LGBTIQQ people participate in Entertainment.


  • Volunteer coordinater:NIYIGABA Alfred

Graduate from university of Rwanda with bachelor honor of social science option of Social worker, he is social cognitive and human right specialist by professional and founder of social worker network Rwanda, courageous soul who believe in social equality and human worth and improving live of marginalized people. Spirited to live in society free discrimination, he is  charge of documentation process and coordinator of all volunteers and peer educators activities


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