Culture and belief at the top to fight against hatry at LGBT COMMUNITY AND SEX WORKERS

HAC(hope and care organization) joined the whole world to commemorate the international day dedicated to human rights which is normally celebrated on 10th December each year at this occasion,HAC has prepared special training for It is partners including different activists,different governmental institutions and members of LGBT COMMUNITY AND SEX WORK. In this training ,we have emphased more on different subjects including human rights, issues facing by these communities such as isolation, social discrimination.

All participants have exchanged ideas and opinions on what can be done so as to fight against the kind of isolation and social discrimination faced by these communities. at last, we have all agreed on making an advocacy for these communities wherever and whenever.

The director of HAC said that:”your right start where your friend ‘right ends, being so selfish and arrogant to other people like you ,it’s so unfair and no good at all, what I can ask all of you present here to day, is that if you can’t love someone based on his/her personality or attitude ,his/her ideas.

Yes loving someone is not obligatory but you should just have respect to wards anyone as human being” He also asked the members of these communities to take the lead in defending their rights, but firstly, you have a big duty of knowing your own rights. The director of HERO AND PAO(Mme umuhoza josine and Misago Constantin )thanked all the participants of the training including HDI AND EU as the main sponsors.

The representative of HDI AND EU Mme Mukayitete Annociatta promised partnership with these communities which prepared and organised this awesome activity. and she also thanked heartedly its amazing achievement. this activity has been prepared and organised by HAC(HOPE AND CARE ORGANISATION) in partnership with HERO(HEALTH AND EQUAL RIGHTS ORGANISATION),PAO(Prid Ark Organization) and has been sponsored and powered by HDI in partnership with European union.

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