Annual Reports 2019

Narrative Report on Non-discrimination Fund project Implementation 



Project Title: Empower, Include,Respect: Making Human Rights Work for LGBTI and Sex workers Communities in Rwanda 



CBO Name:Hope and Care (HAC) ,Horizon Community Association ( HOCA) AND Building Hope for Future (BHF) 


CBO Non- discrimination project Title:TOGETHER WE END DISCRIMINATION: Human Rights Awareness, a first step to end discrimination 


Problem statement 


Rwanda as country , is signatory to many international Human rights and regional human rights treaties , minority groups are still receiving stigma and discrimination based violence here in Rwanda, is all based on cultural perception motivated by social cultural hostile, whereas the country is one of the high speed climbing in terms of development and modernization, human rights expressions remains and are still experienced differently specially with sexual minorities who are the visible target of sexual harassments, extortion, physical violence, stigma and discrimination as different documentations from LGBTI and Sex worker communities reveals .  

This has been and will be hindrances towards minority groups in general society where social cultural hostile environment towards LGBTI, Sex workers while the unawareness of human rights still rolling out in our society so poverty and conflicts in our families escalate.  

Hope And Care(HAC), B.H.F and HOCA observed that there is a great divergence of ideas on how to address effectively that problem by raising awareness, building confidence in LGBT and Sex worker community members in spreading the theme and practices that is Together we end discrimination, that we are all equal, but the ignorance in existence of universal human rights remains the number one enemy in our environment which needs to be harmonious for sustainable peaceful and development that we are all striving for. Through sensitization and education intervention workshops in order to rise comprehension in understanding human rights fundamentals and making the problem our own as it is actually ours, It is must to be done.  

“Human rights are intrinsic part of all that we do-and all that we are.” 

United National Secretary-General Antonio Guterres (remarks made to Human rights council,Geneva,27 February 2017) 


Activity/Event:The project has three main activities: 

  1. Brainstorming meeting with facilitators from all partners organizations (HAC, HOCA and BHF)(5th Dec, 2019) 
  1. Workshop with local leaders and other law enforcers (25th Nov, 2019) 
  1. Celebration of human rights day (10th Dec, 2019) 


Date: –25th Nov, 2019 

          -5th Dec, 2019 

          -10th Dec, 2019 


Location (District and Sector): Rwezamenyo Sector,  Nyarugenge District 


Duration: Each event has taken a full day 


Is it your first time to get implementing a project? 

 Yes or No 


Yes for some CBOs like HOCA, and BHF  

Previously BHF has implemented a project under the same fund on project called TRANSGENDER WARENESS; Leave none behind, while HOCA had joined SFS to implement their project too. 


If yes, describe about the previously implemented projects, Donors and Amount/Fund involved in the projects? 

As this was a joint project of three organizations, innovatively this trial is made up with two former grant winners recipient Building Hope for Future (B.H.F), Horizon Community Association (HOCA).    

Their experiences has been shared with HAC and it was fruitful that constructed a sustainable partnership among the organizers CBOs.  

Purpose/objective of the implemented project: 

  • Making human rights awareness for law enforcers and LGBTQIs and  
  • build a partnership/collaboration between law enforcers and LGBTQIs community 

Was the purpose achieved? Why (or why not)? 


The meeting held with LGBTQIs Facilitators has prepared them to meet with local leaders and other law enforcers. The workshop with local leaders was well successful and all invited participants have attended. With well formulated presentations, methodologies and strategies, have enabled participants to react positively after the workshop.

Who were the participants in the project activities? 


For the first activity, participants were 12 LGBTQIs facilitators from three organizations (HAC. HOCA and BHF). For the second event on 25th Nov. 2019 and third event 10th Dec 2019, participants were LGBTQIs members, local leaders, SWs and Youth representatives. 



Venue: HDI outreach center in Nyakabanda 

Date: 05th December 

Topic: Brainstorming meeting of LGBTIs facilitators  

Theme: 5 days of understanding human rights , and observation intervention on what could be done for better implementation of the project  

Facilitator: Pastor NIZEYIMAN Seleman Executive Director of HOPE AND CARE and project coordinator of this joint project TOGETHER WE END DISCRIMINATION 

  • This activity of brainstorming was composed by three organizational facilitators, in addition of 6 volunteers this means each organization of the project brought 2 volunteer as the team they curried follow responsibilities during the project implementation;  



  1. i. Welcoming a victim or someone who has news of where human rights are being violated and help them to reach facilitators in theirorganizations  
  2. Working together with facilitators who are already in respectiveorganisationsin the advocacy of human rights and making awareness in neighborhood 



iii. Being in pre meeting of collecting what they found in their close community as the practices that are violate human right on 6th December and also showcasing their productive results after advocating larger community as the signed up volunteering for.  

  1. Preparing a presentation of gatherings information of what has to be done and which difficult the faced in their 15 days of helping the community on 10thDecember 2019 as the first session.

LGBTQIs Facilitators brainstorm meeting: Photo by HAC, HOCA&BHF on 5 th Dec 2019 in Nyarugenge District. Copy right 




Summary on Meetings and/or Activities (topics discussed, feedback received, and concerns raised) 


For the activity of brainstorming meeting with facilitators from organizations which were partnering the project went well. Participants discussed issues they face which violate their rights and formulated recommendations which were discussed during both followed events. 

During the event participant discussed on: 

-Essential things that make a documentation validation.
-To whom and the next approaches to be taking taken in violation cases undergo. 
-Statistics on different view towards documented cases so far and the impact of this project opportunity that EU is supporting. 



After meeting these were recommendation that has been drowning out: 

-To see how in the future they can make addition of the volunteers in the documentation process for more effective and leave none behind
-To add financial and capacity building facilitation to those volunteers to help the existed facilitators to reach far and available while facilitator meet with unexpected that can cause the absence. 


Facilitators meeting: photo by HAC, HOCA&BHF on 5th Dec 2019. Copy right 





  • Venue: Heartland Hotel, Kigali City 
  • Workshop theme: TOGETHER WE END DISCRIMINATION: Human Rights Awareness, a first step to end discrimination 
  • Facilitator: Sulemani MUHIRWA. He is a Key Populations Specialist where he worked with LGBTQIs and FSWs for more than 7 years as accesses to health promotion for all and human rights activist. 
  • Workshop has covered main themes notably, universal human rights and other policies, Rwanda constitution and other law and policies frameworks, stigma and discrimination (causes and its effects on individuals and public) 



Here is the summary of participants from the event 


  Lesbians  Gay men  Trans  Male  Female 
LGBT members  2  11  16     
CBO Leaders  1  6  5     
Local Leaders        18  9 
Female Sex Workers          2 
Total  2  17  21  18  11 







The following are content of presentations presented and key messages 


  • Key populations : Globally, Rwanda HIVNSP 2018-2024 and other national health policies 


  • Key Populations HIVAIDS report, 2019 
  • Key Populations situation in Rwanda 
  • Rwanda HIVNSP 2018-24: Key populations package of services 


  • Stigma and discrimination towards LGBTIs : Causes and effects  
  • Significance of Stigma and discrimination 
  • The difference between stigma and discrimination 
  • Meaning of stereotype and its influence on stigma and discrimination 
  • Signs of external and internal stigma 
  • Causes of stigma and discrimination 
  • Impact of stigma and discrimination 
  • Stigma and discrimination towards of LGBTs and SWs 


  • Introduction to Human Sexuality : Gender Identity and sexual orientation 
  • What is gender identity 
  • What is sexuality 
  • Sexual orientation and identity 
  • Gender and sexual expression 
  • Four intertwining strands of sexuality 
  • What researches say and proved wrong about homosexuality myths or being abnormal or mental disorder. 


  • LGBTIs situation : Law, Policies and advocacy (Globally and Rwanda) 
  • LGBTIs situation vis a vis their rights 
  • Universal human rights declarations, policies and statements 
  • Rwanda constitution, law and policies frameworks 
  • National Top Leaders statements about LGBTIs rights in Rwanda 


  • Umuvugo (poem) from one of LGBTIs members which has a message of fighting against stigma and discrimination towards LGBTQIs 



Photo by HAC, HOCA&BHF on 25th Nov, 2019 

All participants invited have participated and well represented 




Local Leaders are contributing with their arguments on topics: Photo by HAC, HOCA&BHF on 25th Nov 2019. Copy right 



LGBTI members are discussing with local Leaders about the topic: photo by HAC, HOCA&BHF on 25th Nov 2019 



Poem from LGBTI members (trans woman): photo by HAC, HOCA&BHF on 25th Nov 2019 



Participants have also worked in groups to discuss different topics and formulation recommendations. Four groups were formed (two of LGBTI members and two of Local Leaders). 


During groups discussions, following are questions groups have discussed: 


What did you learn from this workshop? 

What is your decision about stigma and discrimination towards LGBTIs? 

What do you want to learn in future which was not covered or not satisfied/convinced during workshop? 

What do you think organizers should change or improve in future? 

You suggestions to end discrimination among Rwandan society towards LGBTIs? 


Outcomes from groups’ discussion: 

  • Participants have appreciated the presentations and methodology used for this workshop and knowledge of Facilitator on topics presented  
  • They stated to learn how LGBTIs and SWs are not criminalized in Rwanda (while for them before the workshop they thought homosexuality and sex work is criminalized in Rwanda) 
  • They adored how LGBTIs members were freely offering their testimonies about the struggles they are facing 
  • LGBTIs they were pleased with  positive behaviors from local leaders participants who were eager to hear them and vow to collaborate with them to end discrimination 
  • They indicated new knowledge they learnt about discrimination and its effects to the victim and public in general. 












Participants are discussing in groups: Photo by HAC, HOCA and BHF on 25th Nov 2019 





Participants are discussing in groups: Photo by HAC, HOCA and BHF on 25th Nov 2019 









Each group is presenting its work: photo by HAC, HOCA&BHF on 25th Nov. 2019 


The following are recommendations from groups’ discussion: 

  • To organize such workshop in future with enough time for audience to express their views and  long discussion 
  • To create a tangible collaboration/network between LGBTIs and Local Leaders as a channel to foster advocacy 
  • Local Leaders trained promoted to work closely with LGBTIs to respond their difficulties  
  • Organizers of such workshop were recommended to reach as many people as possible in order to expand advocacy 
  • LGBTIs members were urged to come out and speak for their rights 
  • Local leaders recommended organizers to reach out high levels authorities and other policy makers because local authority execute what was recommended from high level. 


Closing remarks from partnering CBOs and HDI Representative: Photo by HAC, HOCA&BHF on 25th Nov, 2019 






  • Venue: Heartland Hotel, Kigali City 
  • Period: 10th Dec 2019 
  • Workshop theme: TOGETHER WE END DISCRIMINATION: Human Rights Awareness, a first step to end discrimination 
  • Theme of Event: Youth Standing Up for Human Rights 
  • Facilitator: Sulemani MUHIRWA. He is a Key Populations Specialist where he worked with LGBTQIs and FSWs for more than 7 years as an Activist for accesses to health for all and human rights. 
  • Workshop has covered main them:Background of human rights day and why it’s celebrated for LGBTIs and SWs communities. Universal human rights declarations and other policies, Rwanda constitution and other law and policies frameworks. Human rights protection mechanism in Rwanda. 


The event was attended by different local Leaders including village leaders where most of LGBTIs are living, Cells Leaders, social affairs from sectors, Health Care Providers, civil society organization SWs, and LGBTIs members from hosted organizations and other LGBTIs organizations 


  Lesbians  Gay men  Trans  Male  Female 
LGBT members  2  13  7     
CBO Leaders  3  2  5     
Local Leaders        17  9 
Youth Representatives        11  4 
Female Sex Workers          2 
Total  5  15  12  28  15   




Photo group during event: photo by HAC, HOCA&BHF on 10th Dec 2019 







Dialogue during Human Rights Day on 10th Dec19: photo by HRI, HOCA&BHF 





  • Participants have discussed the protection and rights of LGBTIs in Rwanda. LGBTIs have shared their struggles through testimonies and how most of them instead of receiving protection as other community, their rights are violated by some of local leaders and security agents. 
  • LGBTIs have raised the issue of being forced to leave their homes by some of local leaders informing them to find another location to live because they don’t want host them in their villages. 
  • Some of local leaders said and made it clear that most of them had no idea about the rights and acceptance of LGBTIs in Rwanda, think that it’s not acceptable in our society 
  • Other local leaders said, they didn’t have enough knowledge about homosexuality. Thinking it is abnormal, demonic, culture they learn from abroad to destroy Rwandan culture, 
  • Health care provider from Biryogo HC has shared the struggles LGBTIs are facing in health settings due to stigma and discrimination among Health Care Providers. And this has made them to hesitate from a access to health services and this is not burden for them only rather it is negatively impact the entire society.  
  • National Police representative in this event has also mention the mandate of police which is to protect the rights of entire society regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation. But responding to the questions from LGBTIs who mention police among the institution which attack them even forcing them to go in rehabilitation centers, he agreed that not all police understand the life style and behaviors of LGBTIs. But he insist that if anyone face or think their rights are violated, he/she must report because no one is above the law. 





  • To organize such events in future to grow advocacy  
  • To reach as more people as possible 
  • LGBTIs have recommended local leaders and police to spread this positive message in community meetings. 
  • Local leaders have recommended LGBTIs to join other community members when they are events organized, because it was revealed that most of the lgbti they don’t join other community members whey they live to participate in various events including umuganda while this where all people express their views and struggles. 









Participants are discussing during Dialogue session: photo by HAC, HOCA&BHF on 10th Dec 2019  







After the event of dialogue session at hotel, participantsdeparted together towards MUMENA Stadium, Nyamirambo to watch the football match between LGBTIs members and other youth selected from Kigali City. And message of human rights day was displayed and communicated there to the audience. The theme was Together We End Discrimination “Youth Standing Up for Human Rights” 

An estimation of 250 people have gathered to watch the game. Most of this audience came from general populations while also LGBTIs were mobilized to attend and support their fellows. 




Both teams before the match to start: photo by HAC, HOCA&BHF on 10th Dec 2019 




Match opened by HDI Representative with other delagates from Local Leaders: Photo by HAC, HOCA&BHF on 10th Dec 2019 




Match was followed different category of audience: photo by HAC, HOCA&BHF on 10th Dec 2019 


The football match is among the game which attract many people. And we thoughtthat when we organize such match will enable us to attract people and reach out as many people as possible who could not afford to attend our workshops and meetings. It was a great opportunity to show the society that LGBTIs exist and are able to collaborate with everyone. 

When an audience was watching a match with gathering LGBTIs and other youth, it was a sign of living peaceful and respect each other freedom. It is a sign of eliminating discrimination towards LGBTIs and promote brotherhood and cooperation between and LGBTIs and other part of society. 


The most outcome of the activity, was the way many people have showed up to watch the game and nothing negative event happened related to stigma and discrimination. 

Recommendations from speakers and audience was to organize such events in future and identify different community to invite including journalists, local leaders, security agents, etc. 




What went well before, during and after the project implementation? 


The meeting of CBOs facilitators has enabled other followed events to be smoothly completed. During the events, we have noticed a very methodology and good presentations from facilitators which enabled participants to understand the theme of the project. Leaders are committed to follow up recommendations raised in meetings and foster the collaboration between LGBTQIs and local authority.

Lessons Learned 


We have learnt that such events and dialogues are necessary because it was realized that participants from local leaders were not informed about law vis a vis LGBTQIs life style in Rwanda.  We heard a very good testimonies of change after presentations and discussion and promise to change their minds towards working with LGBTQIs to promote social inclusion. 

Can you mention some testimonies and promises from local leaders who attended different events? 


Strengths and opportunities (Anything that contributed to the success of the activities) 


Partnership of three CBOs was our strength to success because we put our experiences together to prepare something which is tangible.

Challenges and threats (Anything that hindered the team to timely deliver the results) 


Time was not enough to discuss everything. In each event, participants were eager to discuss on each topic. Audience participated is very tiny comparing to the community itself 



  • CBOs leaders should continue following the recommendations raised during meetings 
  • CBOs leaders should grasp this opportunity to build a strategic partnership and collaboration with Local Leaders participated 
  • Such events should be organized in future to reach out as many people as possible 
  • Every participant went with a commitment to change words they use that discriminate LGBTIQ community. 
  • Local health councilors have to be invited in other similar activities to happen in the future. 



Conclusion and commitments? 


All events were successful completed and CBOs will continue to follow all recommendations gathered during discussions. Further partnership with HDI and other donors will be considered to expand our advocacy. 



Organizing CBOs and their members has gained a lot in this implemented project where they look forward to continues and spreading such similar activities where it will help in terms of:  

  • Sensitivity: raising awareness in preparing similar activities that sensitizes general society including local authorities and private sector individuals.  


  • Visibility: Alike project will raise the talents that CBOs member has developed so far, and help them to raise a cohesive voice.
  • InclusivityAs Youth organizations it is highly demanding to be integrated in future activities like sport and entertainment not only that will help to deliver the message to a greater mass of people but also building a self confidence standing on inclusiveness and enjoying human rights without discrimination . 














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