We Give Hope To The Hopeless!

We give hope to the hopeless; we care for those societies has left behind; and we focus on educating those most marginalized so that one day they can fully participate in Rwandan society

Founded in 2012, Hope and Care Organization (HAC) is a community based organization working for the rights of LGBT people and sex workers. Our vision is to see Rwanda as a peaceful country where the rights of everyone are respected HAC’s mission is: • “To promote the rights of LGBTIQ people and sex workers in Rwanda through capacity building. • To promote inclusiveness of the LGBTIQ community in sports and entertainment.” Hope and Care advocates for human rights, focusing on the LGBTIQ community, sex workers. We run human rights training for community members about the stigma and discrimination that LGBTIQ and sex workers face and discuss the importance of leaving no one behind and advocating for everyone’s rights in society. Hope and Care also uses sports: football, Basketball and entertainment to educate the community about human rights and to combat stigma and discrimination. Sport empowers the LGBTIQ community and sex workers with the confidence on and off the field as well as building community together. We run trainings on entrepreneurship to provide them with the skills to either find a job or start their own business. Hope and Care also focuses on health by mobilizing its members and beneficiaries to get tested for HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B and help them abstain from drug abuse.