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189 Members Reached
25 School Fees
51 Members Schooled
6 Districts reached

Hope and Care Rwanda Donation

See how we are reaching millions of people all over the world and helping.

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Make a Donation Today. Give the gift of a wish and help us transform the lives of LGBTI Members,… Help them to go back to school.

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Help a LGBTI

We continue to advocate for non-discriminating communities, systems, policies and institutions, because we know discrimination can lead to mental health conditions and suicide.

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Community Empowerment

Hope and Care empowers the LGBTIQ community and sex workers with economic development training by providing them with different skills to help be more employable them in the job market or start their own businesses.

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Hope and Care

We give hope to the hopeless; we care for those societies has left behind; and we focus on educating those most marginalized so that one day they can fully participate in Rwandan society.

When Communities Thrive, People Thrive. Homes and help Are Just The Beginning.

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